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Hi, I'm Nate 👋

I'm a product marketer working at Retool, a Series C startup that helps developers build web and mobile applications faster than coding from scratch. I've been at Retool for two years, leading product launches, sales initiatives, and marketing campaigns. Before Retool, I was doing product marketing at HubSpot.

I'm an avid runner. I just ran my second New York City Marathon, finishing at 3:14:42 (7:18 min/mile pace). I'm aiming to run a sub 3-hour marathon in 2024🤞. You can watch my first-ever marathon experience on YouTube.

I'm also an avid dancer—currently loving bachata. Bachata is a Dominican dance with music that's characterized by its guitar-based melodies, percussion, and lyrics (listen to my favorite bachata songs on Spotify). Bachata involves close connections between dance partners and incorporates hip movements, footwork, and turns. I was recently invited to join a trainee program in NYC—come take my classes next year!