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I’m Nate 👋. I studied business (with a focus in marketing) at UC Berkeley and I’m currently a Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot. I’m on a mission to help thousands of people get their marketing dream job.

I share lessons from topics like marketing, growing businesses, technology, startups, and investing. 

I get it, applying to jobs sucks.

Thinking about your first big jump from college, or making a career change is frightening. I remember thinking that the decision carried so much weight that I’d be trapped for what seemed like an eternity. Also, I didn’t know where to being. I googled “how to write a strong resume,” “best interview tips,” “how to get a marketing job,” but the information wasn’t specific for me. 

Why No-BS feedback helped

Luckily, I had mentors who kept me on track. They had been through the job search before, and had jobs at top US companies within tech, banking, and consulting. They gave me their resumes that got them the interview. I studied them bullet-by-bullet. I made edits to my resume. But that wasn’t enough. When I asked them for feedback, they made so many edits even after I had spent hours perfecting my resume. One thing I learned, resumes are hard to get right. And, 90% of people don’t get them right. Only a handful of job applicants create resumes that get the recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention. This was before my first internship at Facebook. Luckily, by the time I had applied to Facebook, my resume was polished and optimized to get a phone call back. 

Then the dreaded interview comes. My first interview ever was for a work-study job at UC Berkeley. I had bombed the interview, telling stories that took twists-and-turns, but didn’t give the interview the answer that they were looking for. But I got the job. My interviewer happened to be a close friend. I spent the next few years getting better at interviewing. I talked with my mentors, asked for help from marketers, and read countless books. In the process, I failed in many interviews. Seriously I can’t count how many interviews I had and hadn’t heard back from. But this helped me gain confidence being in the room and improving my craft. Eventually, I landed marketing jobs at Facebook, Google, and HubSpot. All three of these positions had more than 5 interviews each throughout the hiring process. 

Now, at HubSpot, I realize that I’m in a unique position to help you, and others like you who want to get a job in marketing. That’s my goal. 

Why I love marketing? 

I grew up making films. I loved being creative with images and videos. I also had a passion for entrepreneurship. Something inside of me wants to build and help others. I applied to film schools for college, but got slapped with rejection letters. Luckily, I went to UC Berkeley to study business. I saw that a blend between being creative and being entreprenirial and stratgic was marketing. I’m energized by the intersectionality of creativity, strategy, writing, and storytellying that is marketing. 

Want to know more about me?

10 Second Bio

  • I’m a Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot
  • I’m a Californian living in Boston (In-N-Out has the best burger imo)
  • I send my best marketing lessons of the week on my newsletter
  • I was rejected from my dream school (USC) to study film production
  • Graduated from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business 🎓
  • Failed startup called Impulse (didn’t know what I was doing)
  • Previously worked at Facebook and Google
  • I’m Mexican-American (talk to me about al pastor tacos 🌮)
  • I love salsa and bachata dancing 🕺
  • Favorite travel destination: Japan (the food and culture are amazing)

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