Finding your way into marketing is stressful and confusing. 

  • Where you even begin?
  • What do recruiters look for? 
  • How do you stand out among all the applicants? 
  • How do you crush your interviews?
  • How do you negotiate a higher pay?
  • How do you get your dream job? 

I’ve spent the last 6 years documenting my lessons going from struggling business student in college, to working in marketing jobs at Google, Facebook, and HubSpot. I’ve learned what these companies look for and how you can stand out from the crowd. 

Companies like these get thousands of applicants that apply for marketing internships and entry level marketing jobs. They have systems in place that screen for the best candidates. Don’t let your resume fall short. And once you get the interview, you only have one shot to make an impression that matters. Make a strong impression to get hired. 

Once you have an interview, you might be concerned about impressing your interviewer. You might focus on questions that might not even come up. The news flash is that marketing interviews are repetitive and hiring managers screen for certain traits. You don’t have a lot of time on your hand. Focus your energy to study the interview questions that you’re most likely going to face, and get the answers that are going to make your interviewers smile while you talk, and check a “yes” near your name. 

College doesn’t prepare you for marketing jobs.

I’ve learned this the hard way. My classes weren’t teaching me how to get marketing jobs or perform well once I arrived. Instead, they were equipping me with insights to think holistically about business growth. But marketing changes so quickly. Companies around the world use the latest marketing technologies and digital marketing tools. Are you learning about these in class? No, you’re not. 

I’ve committed to help thousands of people get their marketing dream job.

Below are some products that I’m working on to help thousands of people get their marketing dream job. And these won’t be free. I’ve decided to charge for them for a few reasons. First these products distill the knowledge that I’ve collected over the past 6 years from recruiting at Facebook, Google, HubSpot, and MANY other companies. This is experience and first hand info that you won’t find anywhere else. Second, in order for me to deliver valuable products, I’m investing a lot of time and energy into creating the products that actually provide value. And I want people who put their money where their mouth is when it comes to becoming part of our community. I want to help people who are actually ambitious and determined to apply the knowledge gained from the products. 

You can try your hand at applying to jobs by yourself. Apply to applications like shooting darts at the dartboard that’s 20 yards away, hoping that some hit the bullseye. Or, you can learn from my experience and understand how to position yourself so that you hit the bullseye every time. Your marketing dream job is within reach. 

Regardless if you purchase from me or not, I offer a lot of free content on my blog, my newsletter, and on YouTube. Subscribe to become a skilled marketer. Learning and growth is something that always takes place.

For college students and career changers only

I’m making these products for college students and people looking to change their careers to marketing. Marketing professionals will learn from these too, but the outcome and benefit won’t help you because you’re already in a marketing position. Whether your a student in college or a working professional looking to transition into marketing, these products are for you. 

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Marketing Resume Guide

Learn how to make the resume that gets recruiters talking to you.

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Marketing Interview Guide

Learn how to impress your marketing interviewers so that you get hired.

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Succeed at your first Marketing Job

Learn the skills and tactics to skill at your first marketing job.

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