11 Lessons from HubSpot’s Leadership Rotational Program for Marketing Students

HubSpot Leadership Rotational Program members in group picture

June 30th marked the end of my participation in HubSpot’s Leadership Rotational Program—a two year intense program designed to train new college grads to become marketing managers. Here are 11 lessons that I’ve learned in the 2 year program.  Life Before HubSpot Let’s wind the clocks back three years. I was a senior in college […]

Why Negotiating Matters for Marketers and How to do it

two people negotiating

I took a negotiations class in college. Then I read 1 book on negotiations that taught me more than that class ever could.  In my negotiations class, we learned that You need to have a “BATNA”, a Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement, before going in. AKA you better know the last thing that you’re […]

Why I Didn’t Accomplish My 2019 Goals

Nate's 2019 goals

At the end of 2018, I set 22 goals for 2019. And, to be completely honest, I failed at at achieving a lot of those goals. Some of my goals were too ambitious or overly challenging, like paying off 30% of my student loans by year’s end. But that’s no excuse. At the end of […]

How to be an Above Average Speaker

During my sophomore year at UC Berkeley, I worked on a social app startup called Impulse. My team and I had entered into a pitch competition with a bay area Venture Capital firm — and we made it to the final round! With pitch competitions, its common for everyone competing to be in the room […]